Once again, and after our Kick-off Meeting in July 2022, the MAST3RBoost team has gathered. The occasion was no other than our 1st General Assembly Meeting to assess all the progress made so far. One of our partners, the University of Nottingham organised this successful hybrid meeting for all the consortium to meet again.

The meeting started the morning of the 14th of February, with the welcome of our project coordinator, Carlos Sanchis from Envirohemp, and the University of Nottingham team to the present and the online attendees. Antonios Konstantas, our Project Officer, also gave a presentation and was present online during the meeting.After, it was time for the presentations of the first work packages, presented by the WP leaders with the help of task leaders. Of course, during the pauses there was time to catch up, to do some networking and propose new ideas.


After, the consortium continued sharing the results and advances of these last months. Then, we had the opportunity of getting to know Vincenzo Liso and Viviana Negro, from our sister projects HyStram and H2STEEL. They attended part of the meeting and presented the objectives of their own projects, related to the ones of MAST3RBoost. We are sure this is the beginning of a very fruitful alliance and look forward to working with them in the close future.

 Then it was time for the lunch break, which included a guided visit to the Neutral laboratory in the University of Nottingham. All the present attended enjoyed this interesting tour by the General Assembly host and learned a bit more about our colleagues’ work.

 The working sessions began afterwards, having part of the consortiums divided into groups to discuss hot topics, potential solutions and steps to take towards the next months of work. And then, of course, the day ended with a project dinner to keep networking and sharing.

 The second day, the 15th of February, was shorter, including the explanations of the rest of the Work Packages and another round of group discussions to wrap-up the meeting with some conclusions.

We are so happy to have had this opportunity to gather in this hybrid meeting to assess how our MAST3RBoost project is advancing and what do we need for the next months. We can’t wait to meet again and share everything we are working on! Thanks a lot to our hosts, to Antonio Konstantas and to all the present and online attendees for their contributions, enthusiasm and will to work together. And, of course, a big thank you to our sister projects HyStram and H2STEEL for sharing with us and giving us the chance to collaborate with them. See you all soon!


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