MAST3RBoost project held its kick-off meeting in Puente La Reina (Spain)

The majority of Mast3RBoost’s consortium at Envirohemp’s facilities.

MAST3RBoost project started on June 2022 and the majority of the consortium was able to travel during the month of July to Puente La Reina, a small town located in Navarra, in the northern side of Spain, for the first meeting.

The hot weather and the days previous to summer holidays didn’t stop the partners from travelling to Envirohemp’s facilities for the Kick Off Meeting. Even from such far countries like South Africa!

The majority of the members arrived the 21st of July, when they could enjoy a project dinner and start getting to know all the partners that will work together these next 4 years, until May 2026. The day after, the 22nd of July, our first meeting started. We were lucky to count on an important location in Puente La Reina to hold the reunion: La Casa del Vínculo, a common stop for pilgrims who travel through the Camino de Santiag.

Manuel Román starting the Kick Off Meeting.

The hybrid meeting started in the morning with Manuel Román welcoming all attendees in person and online. After, Carlos Sanchis, our project coordinator, gave a presentation on the project overview and chronogram for the next years. Then, all the eight work packages presented their work for the next months as well as their objectives, milestones and deliverables.

Throughout the whole meeting, a lot of technical discussions about tasks and work packages took place and many members started already addressing or proposing hot topics for the project. These questions were also debated during the coffee break, which allowed all present members to have some networking time and to share impressions on the meeting, as well as to get to know each other. After the meeting, all present attendees enjoyed a delicious meal at a local restaurant and then visited Envirohemp’s facilities.

Carlos Sanchis explaining the different parts of Envirohemp’s plant.

The present members were able to see Envirohemp’s plant, where some processes of the project will take place, as well as the lab and the offices. After that, and after establishing some meetings to address all hot topics, we said goodbye to each other until the next meetings.

We want to thank all members, both online and present, for their time and for all the enthusiastic contributions during this Kick Off Meeting. Let’s keep working and we will see each other in the next months!

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