Attending MH2024: MAST3RBoost Highlights at the 18th International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen Systems

Prof. Henrietta Langmi and PhD student Keaoleboga Mosupi from the University of Pretoria showcased pioneering research at the esteemed 18th International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen Systems (MH2024) held in Saint-Malo, France, from May 26 to 31, 2024.

MH2024 gathered 465 participants from 39 countries, focusing on fundamental principles and applications of hydrogen-material interactions. Prof. Langmi delivered a captivating plenary presentation titled “Advancing the green hydrogen economy in South Africa and the role of metal-organic frameworks for hydrogen storage.” She highlighted University of Pretoria’s research within the MAST3RBoost project, emphasizing advancements in metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) for sustainable hydrogen storage solutions.

During the Nanoporous Materials session, Keaoleboga Mosupi presented on “Facile synthesis of iron-based metal organic frameworks as effective adsorbents of hydrogen gas,” sharing insights from the MAST3RBoost project’s innovative approach using waste precursor materials. The presentation was well-received, sparking engaging discussions and interest among attendees.

The symposium provided a platform for MAST3RBoost to contribute significant insights and innovations to the global discourse on hydrogen storage technologies. The University of Pretoria’s participation underscores its leadership in advancing sustainable energy solutions through cutting-edge research.

Stay tuned for more updates on MAST3RBoost’s impactful contributions to hydrogen storage and sustainable energy solutions.

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