TWI's Contributions to the MAST3RBoost Project: Advancing Hydrogen Storage Technology

TWI is working in hydrogen storage innovation with the Mast3rboost project and a number of key partners that are involved in the Project.

High-pressure tanks and temperatures in order of cryogenic storage for instance are serious problems with traditional storage methods. TWI’s extensive research into ultraporous materials presents viable alternatives to this problem, removing safety and cost barriers for hydrogen storage once and for all.

Mast3rboost, funded by HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01–17, is an ambitious initiative among several projects and partners like HySTrAm, MOST-H2 or Ambher. The initiative intends to demonstrate more sophisticated hydrogen storage technologies rather than the traditional ones which exhibit certain constraints

The TWI are also considering hydrogen fuel cells and although this generates electricity it only produces water and heat as waste products all the way to these fuel cells are vital for many applications, such as transportation to emergency power, offering longer travel distances and faster refueling compared to battery-powered electric cars.

By investing in these innovative technologies, TWI is committed to shaping the future of clean energy and sustainable transportation.

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