MAST3RBoost project promotes science careers among young scholars

Some weeks ago, we celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which was on 11th February. It has been the 8th time CSIC perform activities around this date, after its approval in November 2015.

At CSIC, we are very committed with the recognition of female researchers and we make an extra effort in our communication and dissemination activities to include in any activity some aspects regarding inclusion and diversity in science and performing specific related activities. 

Teresa Valdés-Solís, from INCAR-CSIC giving a presentation at a evening high school
eresa Valdés-Solís, from INCAR-CSIC giving a presentation at Colegio IES de Salinas (Asturias)

Researchers from INCAR-CSIC have given several talks last weeks (at High Schools of our region), regarding the work of women in coal and carbon science.

In these talks we have also included some reference to our current projects such as MAST3RBoost, including our own contributions to the project (our team is essentially feminine), related to the synthesis of adsorbent carbonaceous materials, as well as the contribution of the University of Pretoria, whose team, headed by Prof. Henrietta Langmi works in the development of metal organic frameworks adsorbents.

For us it is very important to provide close referents in age or geographic together with those big names of female researchers. This way, it is possible to normalize the role of science in society and to reduce the strength of stereotypes associated to genius and heroic profiles.

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