Activated carbon from bio-based feedstock

Activated carbon from bio-based feedstock Our partner CSIC is using selected biomass residues such as pistachio shells or eucalyptus sawdust as carbon precursors. Activated carbon is one of the most used carbon materials worldwide. It has been used since the Ancient Age, for medical applications as well as for water purifying and odor removal, as […]

MAST3RBoost 2nd General Assembly Marks Strides Towards a Sustainable Future

Oviedo, 11th and 12th of July 2023 – The MAST3RBoost project held its 2nd General Assembly in Oviedo the second week of July, bringing together key stakeholders to celebrate achievements and strategize for the project’s future endeavors. During the two-day meeting, esteemed partners from various organizations, including Envirohemp S.L., Nanolayers Research Computing, Spike Renewables S.r.l., […]


European flag waving

Celebrating Europe Day this 9th of May This story, the story of the Europe Day, begun a while ago, during the year 1949 the 5th of May when the European Council was founded. It wasn’t until one year later, on the 9th of May, that the Schuman Declaration was released. This was a relevant step […]

Potential contributions of the MAST3RBoost project to the automotive industry

Assembly of entire hydrogen tank systems

Potential contributions of the MAST3RBoost project to the automotive industry         An overview of our colleagues from EDAG Green hydrogen has the potential to contribute significantly to reducing CO2 emissions in the transport sector. Hydrogen powered vehicles are an attractive option, particularly for mobile applications where purely battery-electric vehicles are reaching their […]

MAST3RBoost project holds its 1st General Assembly meeting in Nottingham

MAST3RBoost PROJECT HOLDS ITS 1ST GENERAL ASSEMBLY MEETING IN NOTTINGHAM Once again, and after our Kick-off Meeting in July 2022, the MAST3RBoost team has gathered. The occasion was no other than our 1st General Assembly Meeting to assess all the progress made so far. One of our partners, the University of Nottingham organised this successful […]

MAST3RBoost project promotes science careers among young scholars

Some weeks ago, we celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which was on 11th February. It has been the 8th time CSIC perform activities around this date, after its approval in November 2015. At CSIC, we are very committed with the recognition of female researchers and we make an extra effort in […]

MAST3RBoost project held its kick-off meeting in Puente La Reina (Spain)

MAST3RBoost project started on June 2022 and the majority of the consortium was able to travel during the month of July to Puente La Reina, a small town located in Navarra, in the northern side of Spain, for the first meeting. The hot weather and the days previous to summer holidays didn’t stop the partners […]